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Are You Looking To Move Expensive Furniture To Your New Home?

Moving is difficult and the most difficult part about moving is transporting your heavy furniture. Small things can be moved in your car but heavy stuff need proper professional help for safe and on-time moving.

Why You Should Hire Professional Help While Moving Furniture?

Keep Your Furniture Safe

Big or small furniture are not made light. They are made sturdy and made of thick wood. Weather it’s sofa, dining table or your king sized bed furniture are heavy in general. And they are expensive. Moving heavy furniture involves lifting, dragging and walking with heavy furniture which can hundreds of pounds in weight. It is quite possible that you lose your footing and hit your furniture somewhere breaking it. Or you scratch it somehow. There are endless possibilities, quite high possibilities rather that you damage your furniture. With professional moving the risk of damage is lowered.

Keep Your House Safe

When you are moving heavy furniture it is not only the furniture that is vulnerable but the house as well. Furniture are made with heavy and strong wood that can break your wall, scratch your floor or do some other damage. If you are selling your house or leaving a rented place this can create a whole new set of problems. Moving companies have all the safety measure so your house remain damage free while moving the furniture.

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Furniture Moving

Avoid Injuries

The major reason why you should hire professional help is to avoid injuries. No matter how strong or healthy you are if you don’t know the right way to hold a furniture it can turn dangerous quickly. If you don’t know the right way of handling awkwardly shaped heavy things that aren’t your barbells it can painful muscles pulls, accidental injury due to tripping over something or dropping the furniture on yourself. When you are handling such heavy things without proper experience the change of injuries are high.  

Insure Your Furniture

We provide moving insurance for your valuable furniture. In case something goes wrong you get proper reimbursement. Without professional movers the changes of damage not only increases but there is no insurance from anyone. 

Save Your Time

Professional furniture moving can save you a lot of time. The day of moving is anyway very hectic additing movement of heavy furniture can increase your responsibilities. When you give us the duty of moving your furniture we do all the work while we have stress free moving process. This saves you a lot of time as well as we are well-organised and multiple hands helping us. 

How Is Furniture Moved?

Furniture Is Packed

When you hire full service movers your furniture is properly packed to convenient moving and shipping. There might be crates, bubble wrap, big cardboard boxes, packing peanuts etc that can be used to pack the furniture and make it secure.

The Furniture Will Be Disassembled If It Can Be
Some furniture can be disassembled for easy movement. Our experts who know how to safely disassemble the furniture. The disassembled furniture is then packed for shipping. The furniture is again reassembled by us once it reaches its destination. We provide all the packing material and there is no extra cost for packing material is it all covered under the full service moving.

We Ship Furniture Safety

It is not only the moving and packing services we provide, we also ship your furniture to its destination. Our drivers know how to drive to keep the furniture the trailer safe and damage proof.

We Provide Truck Loading And Unloading Services

Furniture moving needs a not of care and manual power to handle. Both are provided by our efficient movers. They are experienced in handling heavy furniture and moving them without a problem.

We Help You Unpack

It is not only packing we help you with but the unpacking as well. We will open all the crates, cardboard boxes and help to setup every furniture where it belongs. Move the furniture around to set it to the place you want it to be. There can be a lot of packing material while moving and if you are not sure where to dispose we it we take care of for you. We will take back all the packing material and either recycle it or dispose of it safely.